Demo: All About Tempo, In Under 10 Minutes

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What You'll Learn

Watch this on demand demo to learn how Tempo’s fundamentally different approach to PCBA manufacturing streamlines the production of every board build by automating, augmenting, and accelerating key point throughout the process.

Key features covered:

  • Tempo capabilities for prototyping and NPI
  • Software-accelerated PCBA manufacturing, defined
  • Key benefits for engineering and hardware teams

About Tempo Automation

Tempo Automation partners with the world’s most innovative companies, from global enterprise to groundbreaking startups, to streamline and accelerate hardware development via our quickturn and complex PCBA manufacturing. Our software-driven smart factory merges data, analytics, and automation to deliver new levels of speed, quality, and insights essential for hardware development.

Whether it’s prototyping, NPI, or low-volume production, Tempo Automation can help you get to market faster and with more confidence.

Ondemand Demo

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